Riffraff Rendez-Vous is jam comix by Brian & Talya & Friends! Jam comix are made when one person draws a panel, passes it to the next person who draws another panel, who passes it to the NEXT person who draws YET another panel, etc etc until the joke dies. We make jam comix that are: weird funny crude absurd. Sorry in advance!!

"your comics seem to be mostly about celebrating demeaning bodily functions and/or bizarre fetishes" --Alex

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Just A Topic Picked At Random & No ImportanceAw, You're Just A BabyDog UniversityI'm In The Ferns (Apologies to Bill Cleveland)The Humble RaccoonA Singin' TelegramCave Explorers (Hank Saga #3)Kiss Everyone (Hank Saga #2)Auto-bio During My Lunch Break (Hank Saga #1)You're FiredI'm Moving to Las VegasGuilty!Cynthia! Pull Yourself Together!They're BrothersNo! Please! Not the Winter Chicken KievThe First Self-Conscious Computer!Our Theodore Roosevelt Clone Army Has Escaped!Why Are My Hands Too LargeTHE JAM-FILES: "Fast Food"THE JAM-FILES: "Past the Stars"THE JAM-FILES: "Lunch"Stop That Duck!Work It For The CameraHello, This Is A Robbery (Rabbits #5)Hi! I'm Jimothy BondmanThe End of the WorldWait! Taxi!My FriendThere's A Snake In Mah Boot (Toy Story #2)Could You Repeat That? (Toy Story #1)Carla's Big Adventure (Cheers #2)Clavin! (Cheers #1)Jankle 'n Bodey (Freeform Jam #2)Space Snacks (Cool Smug #7)I Could Just Sing My Heart Out! (Cool Smug #6)A Crime of Passion (Cool Smug #5)Talternate (Cool Smug #4)Rescue Me! (Cool Smug #3)You Better Know What You're Doing! (Cool Smug #2)Coach! I'm Out!Get Back Here!Cool Smug (Rabbits #4)The Three Magical FroggersThe Ballad of Ted ButtHigherStop That Funny BusinessTonight Cult Meeting 9PMTryouts HereShruggy LoveIt's You!One Man's Ceiling, Trapped in the ClosetShitkün Adventures!爺ちゃん高校 (Anime Old People High School)Got Any Queens?ShhMemento Mori (Freeform Jam)A Real Life SasquatchSally SockfaceThe CoffinHold the Walls! (Straw Comix #2)Hey! Skittles (Straw Comix #1)Boarding!The Adventures of the Laughing GoblinHow Long Is This Line Gonna Get? TECHNICOLOR EditionCome Back Here! (Rabbits #3)How Long Is This Line Gonna Get? (Man of My Dreams #5)And For My Next TrickFruits of the Jam (Danielle's Party Part 3)Fruits of the Jam (Danielle's Party Part 2)Fruits of the Jam (Danielle's Party Part 1)The Purpose (A Steak 'n Shake Epic)Welcome to Jail!Wat Up!Space SnakeBest Crepe Fest 1998Darling (Man of My Dreams #4)Captain, There's Something Up AheadElbowThis TimeMom! Come Quick!Oh My God It's A Ghost!Wanna See A Trick?Shut Up, Mom!Clinical ConditionBucket of CrabsMy People Are DyingShoot that Donkey!That is the MoonMerry Christmas, SheepyAmish Techno JailSpaceman ZoomThe ConferenceLindaOh No (Man of My Dreams #3)The L-I-F-E (Man of My Dreams #2)GeraldoI'll Have It MildDat WhaleMan of My Dreams (#1)Ozzy Osbo[u]rne Science Donations!Stew the Aspiring Artist (Rabbits #2)Oh the Horror! (Rabbits #1)Dumbie Mucus
Talya/Brian/CarterCarter/Brian/TalyaCarter/Brian/TalyaTalya/Brian/CarterBrian/Talya/CarterTalya/Brian/CarterPatrick/Talya/BrianBrian/Patrick/TalyaTalya/Brian/PatrickBrian/Patrick/TalyaBrian/Patrick/TalyaBrian/Patrick/TalyaTalya/Brian/PatrickTalya/Brian/PatrickTalya/Brian/PatrickPatrick/Talya/BrianPatrick/Talya/BrianPatrick/Talya/BrianPaulson/Talya/BrianBrian/Paulson/TalyaTalya/Brian/PaulsonBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaBrian/TalyaTalya + BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianTalya/BrianTalya/Paulson/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaBrian + TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianScott/Talya/JOSH/BrianTalya/Scott/Brian/JOSHTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/Brian (Colors by Talya)Brian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/Talya(assorted) Amara, Brian, Danielle, Jamie, Julia, Krystal, Sara, & Talya(assorted) Amara, Brian, Danielle, Jamie, Julia, Krystal, Sara, & Talya(assorted) Amara, Brian, Danielle, Jamie, Julia, Krystal, Sara, & TalyaTalya/Brian/PaulsonBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/Brian ft. PaulsonBrian/TalyaBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianTalya/BrianPatrick/Ash/Eric/Emily/BrianBrian/Patrick/Ash/Eric/EmilyEmily/Brian/Patrick/Ash/EricEric/Emily ft. Pat/Brian/Patrick/AshAsh/Eric/Emily/Brian/PatrickPatrick/Brian/AshRakher/Talya/BrianBrian/Rakher/TalyaTalya/Brian/RakherBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianBrian/TalyaTalya/BrianGuy/Talya/BrianPaulson/Talya/Brian/MarkTalya/BrianTalya/Brian